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As a user of the IntelliCage by TSE/NewBehavior you may greatly benefit from our IntelliCage Basic FlowR bundle.

It allows for Controller data manipulation, behavioral analysis, and conditioning success assessment in a wide range of experiments!

For more custom-tailored designs and analyses, check out our IntelliCage Suites.

Appreciate all basic experimental results with ease:

  • Explore your subjects’ performance in the cages
    • Check cage usage
    • Monitor total consumption
  • Scrutinize the animals’ behavioral patterns:
    • Describe and compare group pheno- and chronotypes
    • Reveal social structure among cage-mates
    • Determine drug application or any other intervention effect
  • Infer conditioning success based on correct choices:
    • Reference memory (e.g., Place/Reversal)
    • Working memory (e.g., Patrolling, Chaining, Side Alternation)
    • Attentional Shift (e.g.,  non-spatial alternation using Audiobox)
    • Novelty, Anxiety, Impulsivity, Addiction, Anhedonia  (e.g., Taste Preference, Progressive Ratio, DRL, Avoidance)
    • .. and many more

Free yourself from cumbersome data manipulation

  • Rename, filter, compound experimental categories
  • Trim experimental time and light/dark regime
  • Create additional treatment category
  • Check timelines, sensors, and produce data tables

Get insightful presentations and statistics at a mouse-click

  • Load prepared data which are automatically extracted according to each workflow’s analysis goal
  • Analyze responses according to prepared categories of experiment, module, group, and treatement
  • Get statistics as html, tables as delimited files, and graphs in pdf format.
  • Have specific analyses for any design and refined output to any detail, at request!
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