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You may customize our services in form of downloadable software packages, potentially including experimental design, apparatus control, and/or customizable statistical software. Apparatus-specific custom-tailored statistical software is the cornerstone of our service efforts, and, naturally, available for all systems and any research goal. It provides a unique user interface that outputs statistics and graphics in standard formats. The FlowR UI, developed and licensed by the University of Zürich, uses our R-scripts to allow the user to get at results seamlessly at a mouse click, exactly tailored to the researcher’s intentions.

FlowR Bundles

FlowR bundles allow for seamless custom-tailored analyses of any kind of data to solve your research questions. Based on graphically arranged workflow trees of R-script units, we can provide you with fully customized statistical software, at an affordable rate. Extract the most meaningful parameters in regard to your hypotheses, apply the most appropriate statistical tests, and present your results in the most appropriate way. All at mouse click. Have a look…

Experimental design and apparatus control can be supplied for all automated systems, of course. Here, we outline some standard suites for the IntelliCage by TSE/NewBehavior – systems, exemplifying the capabilities of our packages. But we are certainly not limited to the schemes represented here!

IntelliCage Webinar

IntelliCage Suites

The IntelliCage by TSE/NewBehavior is the prime industrialised fully-automated system for conditioning behavioral experimentation in laboratory animals, kept in home-cage groups. We can provide you with the most appropriate experimental designs and work out your analysis and presentation tools pertinent to your research goals, apart from advice on any other aspect of the system, the animals, and the scientific research. Note that we can also provide designs that allow for social interactions between animals – a feature often desired, e.g., in autism research, but not originally provided with the system. Have a look…

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