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The biological basis of cognitive function in the normal and diseased brain is the topic of our research. We mainly use mice as animal models and develop new, more efficient and ethologically relevant approaches to analyze their cognitive performance. Behavioral studies are combined with histological visualization of neuronal activity and plasticity, stereotactic lesions, neuropharmacology, and manipulation of gene expression in the brain (in collaboration with other labs). We also study the influence of normal genetic variation, environment and life style (in particular physical activity) on cognitive function and the underlying brain circuitry.

TSE Systems leadership is exemplified by being a pioneer in processing of the first Electroencephalogram (EEG) Telemetry System, and in the "Measurement of Breathing Parameters System" for bronchial research. TSE Systems also provided one of the first fully automated activity measuring systems for rats and a complete line of automated behavioral paradigms.

Company develops state-of-the art technology for automated measuring and shaping of animal behavior. Thanks to profound scientific knowledge and many years of using and optimizing systems for behavioral research in labs customers can rely on a rare combination of cutting-edge technology and reliability.

Run by Hans-Peter Lipp, Professor Emeritus for Human Anatomy, Institute of Anatomy, University of Zürich, Switzerland and Fractionate Professor at Kwazulu-Natal University, School of Laboratory Medicine & Health Sciences, Durban, South Africa. Behavioral neuroscientist since 1971. Expert in ecological brain research, brain anatomy and bird navigation. Co-Founder of the International Brain and Neural Genetics Society (IBANGS). Co-Founder of the Journal Genes, Brain and Behavior. Coordinator of EU Grants. Inventor of IntelliCage. Co-Developer of first miniaturised GPS systems for birds (with Swiss Federal Institute of Technology). Co-Developer of small wearable EEG recorders.

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