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For download and installation please follow the instructions below and check the requirements!

Or contact us for remote support!


  1. Make sure updated .NET is on your machine (see Required).
  2. Install R (64-bit). Note that if you intend to remove former R versions, do that BEFORE installing the new one. Removal is not necessary.
  3. Install Pandoc.
  4. Install FlowR.
  5. Start FlowR and find Hardware ID at bottom line under Info tile.
  6. Get license from XBehavior (you may go on with 7 in meantime).
  7. Unzip FlowR_library folder into C:/yourpath/Documents/XBehavior/FlowR.
  8. Start FlowR after placing license into C:/yourpath/Documents/XBehavior folder.
  9. Download IntelliCage Basic bundle and open it in FlowR, you may check the Info.
  10. Initialize workflow from bottom left of Analysis window.
  11. Load demo data for inspection into a workflow, or import your own data into Data Preparation step.



  • SSD drive
  • Fast Intel processor, like Intel Core i7
  • >= 16 GB RAM
  • Full HD 1920 x 1080, or 2560×1440
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