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FlowR Bundles

FlowR bundles allow for seamless custom-tailored analyses of any kind of data to solve your research questions. Based on graphically arranged workflow trees of R-script units, we can provide you with fully customized statistical software, at an affordable rate. Extract the most meaningful parameters in regard to your hypotheses, apply the most appropriate statistical tests, and present your results in the most appropriate way. All at mouse click.

FlowR  bundles are statistical user interfaces that allow the user (yourself, your students, staff, collaborators, customers) to seamlessly run the intended analyses, controlling workflows and parameters and outputting convenient tables and graphs, at a mouse-click. This may save considerable time and efforts whenever (large amounts of) data are produced regularly. This will predominantly occur with automated data acquisition, but ecological and clinical studies have also already profited from the FlowR approach!


A FlowR bundle consists of workflows, each defining an independent route of analysis. The graphical UI allows for a meaningful hierarchical structuring of the analysis flow, enabling you to get at the results without any concern about analysis structure, as this is preset by the workflow.

With a full version of FlowR, you can develop any kind of analysis-UI yourself, not requiring more than inserting R-scripts into the graphically organized units of a workflow.

Workflow within a bundle

The above workflow then translates into a tree structure of steps that you can click in order to get at the intended results. The logical structure defined in the graphical UI is reflected by the differential enabling of steps, depending on the state of analysis. Hence, you are seamlessly guided through the valid analysis process, step by step.

After initialization of a workflow, the Analysis window exhibits the outputs of the step chosen from the tree panel. Outputs are html, csv, or pdf formatted text, tables, and graphs, which can all be moved and handled at will, and saved individually at any time.

Aspects of a Behavioral Phenotype

After importing your original raw data, you can easily handle them with the help of FlowR’s parameter panel. Rename, filter, and clip your data to prepare them for analysis. No intermediate step of tedious work on your data is needed!

Data handling made easy

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